What is Prostatitis? 

Prostatitis is a sexual syndrome that appears in men of all generations. It happens due to the eruption or swelling of the prostate gland located between the penis and bladders. Prostatitis caused inflammation, redness, and can be extremely discomfortable. Prostatitis isn’t often harmful and can be fixed with adequate medication. But it might be risky and deadly sometimes too. Prostatitis can occur at any age but primarily it arises at the age of 30-55. There are numerous reasons behind the causes of prostatitis but the most common is a bacterial infection.

Prostatitis and its type:


These kinds of prostatitis are popular in men from 45-60 years. It induces a sense of anxiety and uneasiness. Acute prostatitis is caused by bacteria and transpires hardly but is hazardous and required immediate therapy. There are blood fragments in urine too.


This kind of prostatitis is very common. In this, the indications are entirely noticeable and also occur and vanish repeatedly within 6-7 months. It is correlated with the chronic infection of the urinary tract and stone in the prostate. However, Escherichia coli bacteria is usually the actual reason behind it.


Prostatitis is clearly curable and not harmful as compared to the rest of the sexual syndromes in men. Hence some phrases rarely occur and shouldn’t be resisted or taken lightly. That might cause further serious issues. Carelessness can drag you into additional problem and hardship.

About Our Medical Expert.

While selecting for treatment of prostatitis, you can approach our medical expert DR. IMTIAZ ALI.  He is a well-known Dubai-based medical consultant and urologist in UAE. He has treated an enormous number of people suffering from diseases related to sexuality and private organ.

What is the procedure for fixing prostatitis disorder?

As we have discussed, prostatitis isn’t harmful but should be dealt with wisely. In case if you ever suffer any of the relatable symptoms, you must discuss with a regular doctor a particular disease. (UROLOGIST).

Urologists are well-trained physicians and specialists in disease and disorder especially related to men’s private organs. Their method and technique of dealing with people with such diseases are truly constructive and to the point.

Here we are going to discuss the treatment methods normally used by urologists. With these methods, urologists have facilitated and protected several valuable lives.


If you feel any pain in your prostate gland or uneasiness during urination or inflammation in your groin you should consult a doctor. If your regular doctor suspects anything he will consult you to UROLOGIST for further inspection.

2- Examination.

When anyone approaches any doctor the first and foremost step, he takes is to examine the patient. Likewise, when you attend a urologist firstly, he will examine your actual situation. He can also do a conversation session where he tries to figure out the exact problem.


After examining the session urologist will ask you to do the test accordingly. The rest of the medication totally relies on the reports. The following are the tests mainly asked by urologists.

1- Urine and prostate fluid tests.

2- Ultrasound

3- Cystoscopy.

How to prevent Prostatitis?

There isn’t any scientific justification for the precluding of prostatitis yet proper hygiene can prevent the arrival of bacteria into the body and bacteria is an ultimate culprit in prostatitis. Having safe sex is also good in the prevention of prostatitis.