Kidney stone is a syndrome that usually arises in males & females of all ages. Studies say that 1 out of 10 people undergo kidney stones at least once in their lifetime. The probability of getting kidney stones is 9% in women and 11% in males. There are multiple explanations why a stone arises in the kidney but the extensively obvious one is not drinking a proper amount of water.

Functions of Kidney.

The kidney is an extremely significant organ of the human body. Its main function is to abolish all the undesirable junk and watery combustion from the human body. The kidney is also known as a master chemist of the body because it compiles and dumps liquid waste from the body. That fluid holds plenty of despised chemicals in it. Those chemicals are bad for a healthy body if they aren’t discarded.

What is a Kidney Stone?

When a kidney gathers and releases liquid waste from all parts of the body there are various chemicals encompassed in that watery waste. For adequate fleshing out of those undesirable chemicals from your body you require to a consume considerable amount of water. When you aren’t sipping an adequate quantity of water those waste particles combine and revolve into stone. Thus, a kidney stone happens.

Different classifications of Kidney stones.

Following are distinct kinds of stones that transpired in the Kidney.

1- Calcium oxalate: (When Calcium condenses with oxalate in watery waste existing in the kidney this type of stone exists. This is the extensively popular and majorly existing type of stone in the kidney.)

2- Uric acid: (When you absorb a high percentage of a chemical compound known as purine a monosodium urate chemical is circulated from it. This chemical compound ultimately shapes into kidney stones under some particular ailments.)

3- Struvite: (This sort of stone in the kidney arises from the virus in the upper urinary tract. Hence this type of infection isn’t common.)

4- Cystine: (This kind of kidney stone is quite unusual. It is induced by an illness known as cystinuria and occurs from offspring to the next.)


Every year approximately half a million of population visit clinics due to stones in the kidney. Retaining a stone in the kidney is a relatively ordinary aspect nowadays and it can occur to anyone irrespective of their gender & age. The only strategy to evade this special disorder is to

preserve an adequate lifestyle. Thus, kidney stones aren’t harmful but can be credible for extra dilemmas too.

Following are the components accountable for kidney stones happening.

1- Obesity

2—Not drinking a sufficient amount of water.

3-Consuming a huge proportion of sugar and salt in the nutriment.

4- Imbalanced lifestyle and outrageous napping pattern.

5-Family record.

6-Other abdomen disorders, surgeries, and drastic diarrhea might result in kidney stones.


The signs for realizing the existence of a stone in the kidney are very modest and obvious. The indications fluctuate from the size of the stone existing in the kidney. Following are the indications you’ll perhaps be getting if there is a stone in your kidney.

1- Blood traces in urine.

2- Noisia & fever.

3- Cloudy urine.

4- Immense discomfort in the lower back and in the belly.


The medication method for kidney stones is modest and usually be solved without surgical support. If you’ll suffer any of the following symptoms you can simply reach your formal doctor for inspection.

If you are diagnosed with stones in the kidney, you must get a urologist ASAP. In our opinion is DR IMTIAZ ALI is an ultimately recommended Urologist and medical consultant in UAE. He is currently serving in the reputable hospital of UAE and has sound experience of Hospitals in Pakistan. He successfully cured many sufferers of kidney problems and still working on it.


The medication method is usually interpreted by DR. Imtiaz as simple and subtle. Initially, he starts by alleviating the disorder with the assistance of non-surgical therapy and Natural healing.

Following are the steps included in the therapy of maximum urologists when you attend them for kidney stone syndromes.


1- Firstly they begin to examine you in quite a detail and try to crack that is it is actually a stone in the kidney or something else?

2- Your consultant might want you to drink a substantial amount of water so the stone can be washed out from your kidney itself.

3- You might obtain some treatment that may make your urination slighter acidic.

These are some non-surgical procedures by which your urologist might try to eliminate your stone.


If your infection is way too severe and the stone is quite massive in size your urologist might infer a surgical choice. Following are surgical alternatives you may be avail of.

1-Shock wave lithotripsy.

One of the most prominent types of surgical medication for kidney stones. The best part of this particular method is that there is no cut needed on the body. The entire process is performed with high-volume shock waves which crush the stone into small and tiny thinner chunks.


In this, a telescope known as the ureteroscopy is used by urologists to discover the stone in your kidney. This procedure also didn’t encompass a body cut.

3- Percutaneous Nephrolithotripsy.

This strategy of stone expulsion is executed for patients who are having an abnormally shaped kidney stone or who are having kidney stones due to infection. Higher frequency waves are used for breaking kidney stones.

How could I protect myself from not being involved in kidney stones?

Once a great man said ‘Prevention is better than cure”. This affidavit is indeed valid! If we pursue a healthy habit we can certainly be recouped from numerous major troubles. With every passing moment, people are being diagnosed with numerous illnesses. The reason for these diseases is somehow associated with your day-to-day habit and your lifestyle. In order to prevent yourself from any disease associated with the kidney or particularly the development of stones in the kidney, you should adopt the following habits.

1- Eat a healthy diet and drink a generous amount of water every day.

2- Avoid consuming too many salty & sweet items.

3- Do a workout.

4- Avoid consuming narcotics & Tobacco.

5- Avoid consuming any drugs and medicine without a doctor’s prescription.


To convey something crucial to you, we have shared our notions and viewpoints considering kidney stones happening in the human body. We have also covered categories of kidney stones and also, it’s risk factors. We have shared how you can discourage it and also if any suffering incident arose to you how you can cure it.

The most significant element we have shared here is how we could prevent ourselves or our loved ones from the stone in the kidney. Our lifestyle and daily routine play an important role in our health so it’s incredibly important to adopt healthy habits. Some components can’t be prevented such as early medical history or family problems but apart from that our lifestyle should be healthy.

Kidney stones aren’t deadly every time but It is still an oddity that must be remedied for a fit and healthy life. If you are suffering from any such conditions you can contact DR IMTIAZ ALI an experienced and profound medical consultant and urologist in the UAE.