What Is Penis Pain? Its Cause, Effects, And Treatment By Dr. Imtiaz


A healthy body works in complete harmony to ensure your wellbeing. But if any organ or part of the body has a problem, it will affect the whole body’s functioning, and such a person will not be called healthy and will feel difficulty performing his typical day to day task. Problems related to the Penis today is a great matter of concern for men all around the world. A large number of men face issues such as erectile dysfunction, penis shrinkage, premature ejaculation and penis enlargement. Running towards a doctor and getting a consultation from him in time is the only solution to this problem as it might save you from any further and severe pain or embarrassment in bed.

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What is Penis treatment?

Penis problems may occur due to several issues. Sometimes it’s the high cholesterol or being overweight or underweight might also cause problems. In several cases, it might be due to an unhealthy lifestyle. Smoking is one of the biggest reasons. Whatever may be the cause, your doctor will treat you accordingly. He might put you on medications. Will might recommend penis therapy or other treatments.

How important is your Penile health?

Penile  health is so essential for a man to lead a healthy life. Because if the Penis is not functioning correctly, a man might face difficulty passing urine, leading to many other health-related problems. Every man wants to start a family and have children, but if you have an unhealthy penis, you might face difficulties in intercourse and having children. If you feel something is not quite right or abnormal about your Penis, visit or consult your doctor as soon as possible.

Possible problems with Penis:

There are many problems associated with Penis. Some might be minor, and some are severe and can cause real health issues. Here a few common issues:

Penis Shrinkage:

Penis shrinkage is a condition where your penis size will decrease. Sometimes this shrinkage can prolong and might become permeant, but it is due to an unhealthy lifestyle and is treatable in most cases. This problem is also concerned with age and obesity.

Erectile dysfunction:

Erectile dysfunction is a condition where a man can’t keep the penis erection during sexual intercourse. Most men experience it sometimes, but it is a matter of concern and needs medical intervention if someone is experiencing it frequently.

Penis treatment


It is a condition in which a penis stays erect for a longer time. It can cause injury or other problems if it is not treated well.

Sexually transmitted infections:

These infections are caused as a result of sexual intercourse. Some of these infections can be a cure, while many are long-lasting and life-threatening.

How to identify a penis problem:

Now the main question is, how would you ever know if you have a penis problem. Well, there are a few common symptoms that may help you identify. The very first is that you might face difficulty in keeping your Penis erect. You might also experience a penis discharge, which can be yellowish or greenish. You might feel difficulty or a burning sensation while urinating. Sometimes you might experience bleeding as well. Pain and itchiness in the Penis are other symptoms. These are some common issues that you can identify with your penis problems. You can visit a doctor and explain to him your symptoms. He might then recommend treatment.

Causes of Penile pain:

Most of the men experience penis pain at some part of their life. Sometimes it is quite familiar, but it might be some severe issue if men experience it frequently. Penis pain can occur at any age in life. Sometimes it is due to stress or heart disease as well. But in other cases, it is expected to poor penis hygiene and unsafe sex and uncircumcised states . Sometimes men feel mild pain during erection, and sometimes it lasts for a long time. One can also feel pain while going to the bathroom. Men also experience soreness or swelling with pain. No matter if it is mild or severe, you must take it seriously and take preventions.

Preventing pain in the Penis:

Preventing pain in the Penis is directly related to the hygiene of your Penis. Just like you keep your body clean and neat, you also need to take extra care of your penis cleanliness. You should know that penis pain is quite severe and might disturb you for days. You can take a few steps to avoid it, such as using condoms during sex, asking your partner to take good care of their genitals and talking to your partner if you think they have an infection, and avoid any physical activity with them until they are treated. If you have frequent infections, you can clean your penile skin every day to prevent future pain.

Treatment options for pain in the Penis:

Now, if you are experiencing penis pain frequently or your penis pain has prolonged, the standard condition, then you should visit a penis treatment specialist to diagnose the problem quickly. There are some treatment options for penis pain based on your issues and symptoms. Your doctor will recommend you. Here are a few treatment options.

  • If you have a pyronine disease, a surgeon might remove the plaques.
  • If a man has priapism, then the doctor might drain the blood from the Penis to relieve pain or give some medicine that will decrease the amount of blood flow in the Penis.
  • Antibiotics might help with yeast or other penis infections.
  • Antiviral medication may also benefit in some cases.
  • Medicines are prescribed  to get relief for swelling or soreness.
  • Doctors also make cuts sometimes on the foreskin so that the swelling might reduce.
  • Icing is another method to treat pain.
  • In severe cases, surgery or radiation is the possible treatment available.

Test for penis pain:

Most of the doctors identify your problems with the help of the symptoms that you report. In case the problem can’t be identified, they will do a few tests on you to become familiar with the situation. These include a physical examination where a doctor might examine your Penis to look for abnormalities such as swelling, etc. They will do a test for your rectum and testicles. They will also ask you to go for a urine test if there is an infection or maybe an ultrasound. These tests are recommended on the basics of your problems and may differ from one person to another.

When should you see a specialist?

Some men often ignore serious problems and get themself busy at work. Remember, if you miss these problems, they might take an ugly form and become chronic. If you are already someone who wants to visit a doctor, but you unsure sure if you have a problem, you should consider a few essential points. You consult a specialist immediately if you have any of these problems.

  • Soreness, swelling, or itchiness.
  • Burning sensation while urinating
  • Pain during erection
  • Blood coming in your urine or semen
  • Inability to keep an erection
  • Keeping an erection for a longer time

Care at home:

  • Don’t involve yourself in physical activities. Take rest
  • You can go for icing if you experience pain.
  • Take over the counter medicines
  • Follow the treatments and medications that your doctor has prescribed you strictly.
  • Talk to your doctor if the drugs are not working
  • Follow up with the doctor

Final Thoughts:

Medical sciences have evolved with the help of technology and new researches. Problems associated with male fertility are now treatable. Many men feel ashamed and shy about pursuing a doctor for these problems. Because male fertility and issues are not much openly discussed in society as we discussed the issues related to female infertility. Questions related to Penis have underestimated most men ignore them until they become some severe problems. In a doctor’s Imtiaz clinic, you will find a friendly and understanding environment. The staff is very cooperative; they will make you feel at home. You don’t have to worry about your penis-related problems because DR. Imtiaz’s clinic has all the solutions. With their advanced technology treatments and the latest and compelling issues, our problem will be solved in no time.

Have sound health and a precious life ahead.

Thank you!

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