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Infertility is one of the leading health issues of both married men and women around the world. Thousands of dollars are spent each year on fertility treatments. Lifestyle and diet have a lot to do with infertility. When one doesn’t take care of the food, you take in your body and does not maintain a healthy lifestyle, and they are likely to experience infertility in their life. But infertility is not untreatable.

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    Dr Imtiaz

    Doctor Imtiaz – top Male Fertility Specialist in Dubai

    If you have any male fertility issue, feel free to contact Dr Imtiaz as he is the top best male fertility doctor in Dubai – UAE.

    Dr. Imtiaz is one of the most famous frequently visited and highly rated doctor in terms of services clinic. He is male fertility specialist in Dubai. The legend doctor Imtiaz tends to use the most updated technologies and is committed to helping families grow and live a happy life.

    His clinic has its laboratories, and the staff is also equipped with modern and most updated training so that they can treat the patients well. He not only provide treatment to his male patients but also consultancy. It is one of the best in its services regarding fertility treatments.

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    Diagnosing male infertility problems

    Fertility issues is not only bound to women but there is an exceeding number of males who are facing fertility issue. The top most problems can be due to erectile dysfunction, abnormal sperm production or any other disease like diabetes, gonorrhea mumps, HIV etc. So, these diseases can cause serious male fertility issues. Diagnosing male infertility problems involves the following points:


    General examination of body

    Semen analysis

    Hormone testing

    Post-ejaculation urine analysis

    Genetic Test

    Testicular biopsy

    sperm function tests

    Transrectal ultrasound test

    Scrotal ultrasound test

    Expertise Of Dr. imtiaz

    Providing medical services in which urological surgeries, laser surgery to treat a wide variety of conditions, and specialized treatment of these: urinary incontinence, prostatic disorders, congenital urological anomalies, urethral stricture disease, fistula repair, kidney stones, kidney cancer, prostate cancer, prostate gland enlargement, urological tumors, hydrocele and varicocele surgery, genitourinary tract infections, trauma, sexual dysfunction, and minimally invasive treatments.

    Dr. Imtiaz also deals with laparoscopic surgical procedures and the latest technology equipment allows Dr. to make an accurate diagnosis and do an effective treatment.

    Dr. Syed Imtiaz Ali can speak Hindi/Urdu/English Fluently – which makes it easy to communicate with the majority of patients in Dubai and other Emirates.

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    essential to consider the following points.

    Dr Imtiaz is here to cure your all male fertility issues and can give you best treatment. He is fertility specialist and can give you good advice to lead a simple and peaceful life.


    You cannot diagnose yourself on your own and you must with meet with a doctor who will solve your fertilities issues. Here we have compiled a few essential points for you guys who are facing male fertility issue. You should be knowing before visiting a doctor for your fertility treatment. Because before you consider getting the help of a specialist, you must self-examine yourself to examine yourself whether you had the problem or not. 

    Nowadays, male guys tend to be more mentally and physically stressed and cannot perform well in meeting his partner. This can lead to fertility issue because stress will never allow you to fulfill sexual demands.

    The next thing that your therapist might be interested in knowing would be the result of some necessary tests like physical examination of both partners, semen testing for men and ultrasound of utters test for women. You also need to get both your blood and urine tested as well. Sometimes diseases related to intestine and liver might also cause infertility in both men and women.

    Hence, you need to take your blood and urine test result tests with you so your doctor can better analyze your situation.

    Sometimes your age also has a role to play with your infertility. It’s a trend nowadays to marry late. Some couples marry young but might decide to conceive very late because of their other life priorities. It creates a lot of issues when they choose to develop later in their life. They might find it difficult to conceive because they might be above 30 or sometimes in their late thirties.

    Hygiene is one of the significant factors that have a considerable influence on any health-related issue. Your hygiene matters a lot when involving yourself in physical activities. Don’t feel shy to talk about hygiene issues with your partner because keeping better hygiene will save a lot of your time and money. But if it is not resolved quickly and is ignored for a more extended period, it will lead you to severe health issues.

    Your diet is yet another factor to be considered when you are trying to conceive. Are you eating a lot of junk? Does your diet has all the essential fibres and nutrients? Do you have enough protein? In case you practice a low diet, it is likely that you will suffer. So, track down your eating habits and identify what have you been doing wrong. Do we prepare for such questions such as do you drink alcohol or do drugs? Do you smoke? etc., because your doctor might be interested in knowing about them.

    Check for your BMI. the average BMI is above 18 and below 35 in women. If you have a BMI above or lower than this range. You might be in trouble. Whether you are underweight or overweight, you should not waste your time and should talk to your doctor in guiding you on how to maintain a normal BMI.

    Your thyroid is directly related to your hormones. If you have a thyroid problem, there is an excellent chance that you will become infertile. Talk to your doctor about your thyroid issues if you have them so that you are saved in time.

    Different hospitals offer a diverse range of prices for fertility treatments. Usually, private specialists are more expensive than public ones. Consider a specialist by evaluating your pocket or budget.

    What Patients Say About Dr. Imtiaz

    Niroshana Weeraratne
    Niroshana Weeraratne
    Very good and cooperative doctor
    Hitesh Pachpor
    Hitesh Pachpor
    Very pleasant interaction with the doctor and positive outcome after the surgery. Thank you!
    Shiraf Ziyard
    Shiraf Ziyard
    Hand a wonderful experience!!!
    Ashafa Shiraf
    Ashafa Shiraf
    Pleasant dr, made my journey comfortable!
    sepehr seifi
    sepehr seifi
    Very good interaction with the doctor and I’m happy with the result outcomes
    I'm happy to share my review of Dr. Syed Imtiaz. He is an excellent doctor, highly experienced, and exceptionally kind. From my surgery through my recovery, his consultations were outstanding. As a patient, I am very satisfied and deeply impressed by his wonderful personality.
    Leiahnee Agapito
    Leiahnee Agapito
    Strongly recommended for any urological consultation
    Sajjad Habib
    Sajjad Habib
    Pleasant interaction and strongly recommend. Dr Syed Imtiaz is a very good doctor

    Get Treated with Infertility Specialist

     Most of the times simple medications work quite well. Suppose you wonder what should you do if you want to get the help of a doctor in getting your infertility treated. So, you don’t have to think a lot about it because we have got your back.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    After finding the answers to all the issues as mentioned above, it is essential to look for a specialist who can treat your infertility if you already have not found one. Here are a few points to keep in mind while looking for a specialist.

    • Search for the specialists near your area ask your family, friends, neighbours and colleagues to give you recommendations
    • Ask your general practitioner to refer to you to a fertility specialist.
    • Check for a specialist online, read the comments and rating of the patients on his or her medical profile.
    • You can also search for the best fertility clinics near you and visit them by checking their information online.
    • Check what kind of treatments the specialists provide for fertility treatment.
    • Consider the cost of these treatments.
    • Always go for a reliable doctor, gives effective medications and is cost-friendly.
    • In case you think that an individual doctor’s prescription is not doing you any good take no time in changing or reconsidering him or her.
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