Penis Enlargement Treatment

What is Penis Enlargement?

Penis Enlargement is the way to enhance the length of the Penis via divergent techniques and methods. It has been anticipated that the majority of the men aren’t glad by the existing length of their penis either it is average or above average. The eagerness of men regarding the length of their penis has launched multiple products correlated with men’s sexuality. The product’s claims are by using their product men will experience the difference. Although there is no scientific explanation for these products yet they are highly demanded. Consuming unauthentic medical products and applying them instantly on delicate parts of your body should be avoided. If there is any sort of issue related to intimacy, sexuality syndrome and any uneasiness or feeling of misery in a private organ, the most essential and realistic option is to discuss it with a Urologist as soon as possible.

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The study disclosed that the standard length of an adult penis is 3.65 inches and when it expands during erection it becomes 5.75 inches on average. However, now the question arises when to see a consultant? What is a factual method for the enlargement of the penis? For queries like these Dr. Imtiaz Ali, the sexologist, urological and medical consultant along with his medical experience and proficiency is all set for your guidance. Here are the rare facts he prefers to convey to you for the sake of your sexual health.

Techniques for Enlargement of Penis.

Firstly, you need to understand that Is genuinely your organ need any enlargement? If yes, there are surgical and non-surgical methods for the growth of the penis. However, in not-so-serious conditions consultants suggest non-surgical techniques. Surgeries are always left for the last option.


Mostly, the surgical method is compelled if someone is suffering an illness named MICROPENIS. In this, the biological size of the penis is 7.5 centimeters or smaller which is of course abnormal.


In this, additional fat is discarded from the pudgy area of the body and attached to the penis. This is performed when a person is not eligible to employ his penis for urination and sexual activity with its real size.


The implantation of silicone under the penile skin enables the Penis to look larger and thicker than previously. Tissue grafting, hyaluronic acid injections, and penile disassembly are additional not so prominent alternatives that also benefit penis enlargement

However, none of these options are deemed to be safe by the specialists. Implementation of not-so-authentic procedures may result in infertility problems and eternal erectile dysfunction too. It is extremely significant to see a consultant before applying anything.


Here are some of the non-surgical methods for Penis enlargement which are as follows.

Physical Techniques.

These are the specific strategies and tools developed for treating the illnesses related to Men’s sexual health. Pumping (A Vacuum erectile device) Traction and Jelqing (a Persian phrase that means to masturbate) are some traditional non-surgical practices for penis enlargement.

Physiological Factor.

Physiology plays a meaningful part in the augmentation of the penis. If a person is incapable to grasp his physiological emotion about this particular problem ethical counselling and consulting a sexologist is extremely important.

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