Varicocele Treatment in Dubai

What is Varicocele?

It is a condition of abnormal growth of veins inside of your scrotum (A pouch of skin that covers the testicles). This disorder commonly happens in adolescent males possibly 16-26 of age during their puberty development period. During this period there is an immense requirement for healthy blood flow in their testicles for accurate development of testicles. When the vessels in the scrotum abnormally enhance, they offend the healthy flow of blood which ultimately results in varicocele.

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Varicocele negatively impacts the male reproduction process and causes infertility problems eternally. Due to the growth of veins; the flow of seminal fluid and the quality of sperm also get affected and infertility problems results. The crucial issue of varicocele is infertility issues and the slow development of testicles. Resources indicate that not every adolescent male experiences varicocele but 15 out of every 100 males are varicocele affected.

Men’s Reproduction Cycle and Varicocele.

The Men’s reproduction process begins within the scrotum, a sack of skin in which testicles are sealed. The Testicles are located on the upper thigh between legs and their purpose is to form and store semen (A male fluid that is necessary for reproduction.) The semen is reserved in testicles until they are matured and released during ejaculation. The growth of the vein cause devastations to the reproduction cycle. It disturbs the speedy maturation of healthy semen and eventually turns out to infertility.

Symptoms of Varicocele.

The discovery of varicocele is often impossible because there are no noticeable symptoms of it. Anyhow these are some additional characteristics that might be symptoms of Varicocele.

  1. A toxic feeling of pain or agony in your scrotum.
  2. Inflammation or swelling in your scrotum.
  3. Outwardly swollen or distorted veins in your scrotum, which look like a sack worm.
  4. Decrease in the size of the Testis.


Our andrologist Dr. Syed Imtiaz Ali is an excellent Urologist related to all kinds of queries of men’s sexual health. Dr. Syed Imtiaz Ali along with his skill and medical proficiency has successfully solved numerous problems related to men’s reproduction issues, infertility, etc. He is still working with the same dedication and saving several valuable lives. If you or your special ones have encountered any of the following indications you must consult a doctor for your guidance. Dr. Syed Imtiaz Ali has a mastery from counseling to delivering a beneficial treatment to every patient he has treated till now. He stands among the most reputable Consultant Urologist in UAE.

What are the Complications of untreated varicocele?

If a varicocele is left untreated it can shrink the testicles and can actually result in permanent infertility. Males’ reproduction cycle entirely relies on testicles that form and mature seminal fluid for reproduction.

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