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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

This is a coitus disorder normally transpiring in men. It reduces firmness or stiffness from men’s organs and diminishes the physical strength of getting or retaining sufficient erection during intercourse. Due to this, men often fail to evolve proper satisfaction with their partners. ARE YOU FACING THE SAME PROBLEM TOO? IF YES! You’ve come to the right place.

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Dr Imtiaz

Dr is specialized to treat erectile dysfunction

Dr. Syed Imtiaz Ali is one of the best Urologist doctors, men’s health Dr. Syed Imtiaz Ali is a Dubai-based Urologist and Sexologist, who has exceptional supremacy in his field. Dr. Syed Imtiaz Ali has successfully solved numerous problems related to sex issues with his medical expertise and is still engaged in providing his services. His treatment is reliable and safest. In order to continue your life with the same passion and high self-esteem, you can consider him as your perfect advisor and healer.ndrologists, and well-known Urologists in Dubai.

He has experience in treating multiple diseases and infections of the urological problems in both male and female patients and children too by providing his personalized service and treatment services.

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causes of Erectile Dysfunction

The fundamental cause of Erectile dysfunctions can be due to improper health. For instance, if anyone used to have any severe health problems before, they may encounter erectile dysfunction problems too. Here is the list of some most common reasons for erectile dysfunctions.

Toughen or blocked arteries

Imbibe alcohol

Diabetic problems

consumption of tobacco

Heart disease

Blood Pressure

High cholesterol

Stress and Mental issues

Sleeping disorder & Age Factor

Prevention Methods of Erectile Dysfunctions

As mentioned, Erectile Dysfunction is totally curable with proper lifestyle and meditation. If in case ED is affecting well-being or causing relationship problems, there’s no shame in consulting doctor. Most of the time avoiding problems can cause other issues like depression, low self-esteem and even termination of marriage

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What Patients Say About Dr. Imtiaz

Ali Al Saffar
Ali Al Saffar
August 31, 2022.
Dr. Syed is one of the best urologists I have met; he is always available to answer any questions and clearly explain in death each step of the disease and the surgery plan. Along with his expertise, his patient care is excellent.
Uma Maheswaran
Uma Maheswaran
August 17, 2022.
Dr Syed Imtiaz Ali is the best ever urologist that i have ever met in my life. Painless treatment and with 100% satisfaction. He is very patience and very thorough in what he does. One stop for all your worries. Once again, I would like to honestly thank Dr Syed Imtiaz for his commitment and dedication towards his patients. Thank you once again!
August 11, 2022.
الدكتور شاطر ما شاء الله فاهم وخبير في مجالة و محترم في التعامل و تحس انه يهتم في مرضاه ويتابع حالاتهم بشكل مستمر.
July 26, 2022.
I was diagnosed with High Grade tumor in urinary bladder last year and was recommended to go for immediate treatment in India. However due to lock down in Covid time I got stuck in Dubai. At such critical time I was referred to meet Dr Syed Imtiaz Ali in Medcare and he not only given the best treatment but took special care and gave all the comfort to tide over the treatment. His friendly support gave me all the strength and increased my moral. He is one of the best Urologist in UAE. I wish him all the success.
crank honey
crank honey
July 24, 2022.
Very pleasant experience and strongly recommend Dr Syed Imtiaz Ali for all urological consultations.
Junaid Ur Rehman
Junaid Ur Rehman
July 18, 2022.
Best Urologist doctor in Dubai! Nice and humble personality.
Gaurav D
Gaurav D
July 7, 2022.
I had wonderful experience with Dr Syed Imtiaz Ali, Urologist. And he is strongly recommended for any urological opinion.
Earl C
Earl C
July 7, 2022.
We had a wonderdul experience with urologist doctor syed imtiaz and his nurse alex! I recommend him with any urological consultations.
Ryan Roberts
Ryan Roberts
July 6, 2022.
Dr. Syed was very prompt in his diagnosis of my issue and quick to act. The procedure was done professionally and quickly. Well recommended
Yajantha Yapa
Yajantha Yapa
July 5, 2022.
Doctor Syed Imtiaz is really good at diagnosing my illness which was there for many years. His surgery was excellent. I did not feel any pain after and I was able to go back to work with minimal after affects. He is a very positive person I recommend him.

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The cause of Erectile dysfunctions is usually because of low blood flow in a private organ or maybe because of any nerve damage. There are a lot of other additional reasons for it but moreover, it is curable and normal. Generally, people consider it as a taboo subject and aren’t comfortable in expressing it freely or openly even in modern times like today. There are several human beings who are somehow affected by Erectile Dysfunction but are too conscious to concern the doctor for help. It is very important to consult a sexologist in unfavorable consequences.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are other reasons as well that cause erectile dysfunction which aren’t health-related but an important factor of an individual’s life. Such as psychological issues, unhealthy relationships, or connections with partners.

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