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Men’s Health (Andrology)

The men’s health andrology is a Greek term that refers to the health issues of men especially associated with their sexuality, infertility problems, male’s reproductive cycle, and urological dilemmas, etc. The Doctors who are specialized in this unique content are known as andrologists.

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    Dr Imtiaz

    Andrologist Doctor in Dubai

    Dr. Syed Imtiaz Ali is Sexologist, Medical consultant, and Urologist in Dubai. With all of his dignity, he is committed to delivering quality medical aids associated with men’s sexuality. From opinionating to surgery, he is possessing an incredible grip on dealing with all kinds of ailments related to intimacy problems. He functions with detailed devotion and personal accountability in attending to his patient on such susceptible and private issues.

    His treatment starts with a proper diagnosis which included the following steps.

    1. Proper History.
    2. Testing Hormones.
    3. Physical examination
    4. Ultrasound of male reproductive organs.

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    common health issues that occur in men

    Here are some common health issues that occur in men related to their sexuality.

    Prostatic disorders

    Urinary incontinence



    Erectile dysfunctions





    Who is a healthy man?

    A healthy man is someone who leads a peaceful and healthier life. Sexual components are as critical as any other secondary trait of a man’s life. Unpleasant sexual life repeatedly induces tons of unasked troubles such as poor self-esteem, recession, frustration, etc.


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    What Patients Say About Dr. Imtiaz

    Niroshana Weeraratne
    Niroshana Weeraratne
    Very good and cooperative doctor
    Hitesh Pachpor
    Hitesh Pachpor
    Very pleasant interaction with the doctor and positive outcome after the surgery. Thank you!
    Shiraf Ziyard
    Shiraf Ziyard
    Hand a wonderful experience!!!
    Ashafa Shiraf
    Ashafa Shiraf
    Pleasant dr, made my journey comfortable!
    sepehr seifi
    sepehr seifi
    Very good interaction with the doctor and I’m happy with the result outcomes
    I'm happy to share my review of Dr. Syed Imtiaz. He is an excellent doctor, highly experienced, and exceptionally kind. From my surgery through my recovery, his consultations were outstanding. As a patient, I am very satisfied and deeply impressed by his wonderful personality.
    Leiahnee Agapito
    Leiahnee Agapito
    Strongly recommended for any urological consultation
    Sajjad Habib
    Sajjad Habib
    Pleasant interaction and strongly recommend. Dr Syed Imtiaz is a very good doctor

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    It has been identified that the percentage of men who Favor doctors’ consultation considering their health crises is less compared to women. It indicates men won’t go to the doctor when they are undergoing any distress related to their health either it is about their sexuality or their typical routine health check-up. Every life is precious and to take good care of their health is the responsibility of every individual irrespective of their gender.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    In today’s time, where we as humans have reached cloud nine in Medical and technology, we have also invited many disorders and morbidity. The initial reason for men’s illness regarding their sexuality is their standard of living. Here are some additional factors which are equally responsible.

    The infertility issue started in men due to the following reason.

    1. Age factors
    2. Testicular damages
    3. Consumption of Tobacco and alcohol on regular basis.
    4. Inability to produce healthy semen fluid.
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