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Books about sex and love, such as the Kamasutra, Ars Amatoria, and The Perfumed Garden of Sensual Pleasure, have been around for centuries. But they were not formed within the legal field of science or medicine.

In the late 1800s – despite social attitudes towards sexual repression during the Victorian era – a more liberal attitude towards sexuality emerged in England and Germany.

In 1886, for example, Richard Fresher von Krafft-Ebing (1840–1902) published Sexual Psychopathy, which is considered the main work in which sexology became a scientific discipline.


What is Sexology?

Sexology is the interdisciplinary scientific study of human sexuality, including sexual behaviors, interests, and function. A sexologist is a trained professional who specializes in human sexuality.

A sexologist may work in many different ways, and many other areas she may work in – in clinical settings, in education, and research.

Are you suffering from sexual problems like (ED) Erectile Dysfunction,(PE) premature ejaculation, Loss of libido (sex drive), (STD), Sexually Transmitted Diseases ETC? Then you can visit a Sexologist doctor in Dubai.

Sex is an essential part of everyone’s life. To enjoy the fruits of a happy life, sexual satisfaction is mandatory. Failure of sexual satisfaction causes several problems, such as termination of the marriage.

Sexual pleasure is compulsory for relief from stress. Apart from this, it is also considered as a recreational activity. There are different kinds of sex-related problems that badly affect the lives of millions of people.

In medical terminology, these diseases are curable. The doctor who performs treatment for these diseases is popularly known as a sexologist doctor.

How to find Best Sexologist in Dubai?

Sex plays an indispensable part in everyone’s life. Sexual satisfaction is binding to enjoy the bounties of a happy married life. The failure in sexual satisfaction leads to several problems, and one of them could be the ending up of the marriage.

The sexual pleasure helps you to get a break from the stress. Besides this, it is also well-thought-out as a leisure activity. Several problems adversely affect the sexual life of millions of people around the globe. These diseases are curable in medical terminology.

sexologist in dubai

The consultant who carries out treatment for these diseases is known as a sex specialist. For this, you must visit Dr. Imtiaz as he is one of the Best Sexologist Doctors in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

Dr. Syed Imtiaz Ali is the best and well-reputed sexologist in Dubai. He has vast experience in this field. Many people recommend him as the best sexology specialist in Dubai. You must visit if you are suffering from any male sexual problems. Dr. imtiaz also one of the best Urology specialist in Dubai.

What are Common Sexual Diseases?

Some of the most common diseases that damage the lives of a lot of people are erectile dysfunction (ED), premature ejaculation, low libido, etc. It is essential to cure these diseases to get amusing pleasure during sex.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) or impotence refers to the lack of ability to get and maintain an erection strong enough for sex. Due to this disease, the males can’t establish sexual intercourse with the partner.

Low Libido

Low libido is the condition in which a male loses his sexual desire to have sexual intercourse. There are several reasons for this problem. The medicines can impeccably cure this disease and help in providing full sustenance to the body tissues. These medicines help in the excretion of the enzymes that intensify the desire to have more sex.

Penis Enlargement Treatment

Increased size and full volume play a vital role in getting the ultimate satisfaction during sex. Small size penis develops an inferiority complex in the male partner. Therefore, it is essential to have an enhanced penis size for real pleasure during sex.

Night Discharge

One more disease that is a common sexual problem these days is night discharge. In this disease, the patient ejaculates itself during sleep.

Our sexologist doctors at Dynamic Clinic Dubai also provide a cure for this disease as the prescribed medication offers muscle strength. This strength helps in averting the automatic ejaculation of the semen.

Premature Ejaculation:

Sexologist doctors at Dynamic Clinic Dubai also provide a cure for another severe problem, widely known as premature ejaculation. This is another disease that hurts the sex life of a male.

Under this condition, the male partner discharges ahead of time during the sexual intercourse, leaving the partner in dissatisfaction and awkwardness. The medicines in this treatment help in providing strength to the muscles and nerves. This strength helps in achieving long-lasting intercourse.

If any of the diseases mentioned above is troubling, you then get a specialized treatment under the Best Sexologist’s supervision in Dubai.

Convenient timings and affordable rates

For a sexologist doctor in Dubai to be popular, they must work at a convenient timing. For example, it makes more sense to have longer hours on a weekend since more patients would be free. At the same time, rates must be by the market, so any patient does not feel burdened.

Patients who visit famous sexually active people can often enjoy a full life. Sex is a part of such a lifetime. People often do not know it, but it is just as important as food, clothing, and shelter. Sexual problems can lead to marital and marital issues.

For something as important as this, all patients are free to seek honest advice from the Dubai sexologist. Of course, sex is about new ideas, and once your primary problem is solved, new ideas will immediately run through the mind.

Final Words:

Also, Loss of interest in sex, fear, or exclusion resulting from a bad experience can be a barrier to achieving marital bliss. A sexologist deals with issues surrounding relationships and intimacy and provides a guided self-help personal intervention to achieve the best in your relationship.

If you want to consult about sex problems then book an appointment with Dr. Imtiaz. I hope this article will help you get full information about the sexology and best sexologist in Dubai.

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