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Dr. Syed Imtiaz Ali uses the latest technology for kidney stone treatment, as well as minimally invasive techniques performed using small incisions or natural openings. Dr. Ali being a specialist in several areas works diligently and with care to diagnose and treat your kidney stone disease, be it simple or complex. He is a leader in the treatment and prevention of kidney stones. Dubai Based Urologist Dr. Syed Imtiaz Ali has a nationally and internationally renowned program devoted to kidney stone treatment and removal.


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    Kidney Stone Treatment in Dubai

    Kidney stone treatment varies, contingent upon the kind of stone and the reason.

    A proper diagnosis of kidney stones requires a total wellbeing history evaluation and an actual test. Treatment is customized by the type of stone. Urine can be strained and stones gathered for assessment. 

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    Why Kidney Stones Can Be An Issue?​

    Stones don’t generally remain in the kidney. Sometimes they pass from the kidney right into the ureters and may be very difficult for one to encounter. Ureters are little and fragile, and the stones might be too huge to even consider passing easily down the ureter to the bladder. 

    Section of stones down the ureter can cause spasms and irritation to the ureters. This makes blood show up in the urine. 

    In some cases stones block the progression of urine. This is known as urinary obstruction. Urinary obstruction can prompt kidney disease and harm the kidneys.


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    Other treatment alternatives include:

    Help with discomfort may require narcotic prescriptions. The presence of infection requires treatment with anti-microbial. Different prescriptions include: 

    • Allopurinol (Zyloprim) for uric corrosive stones 
    • Thiazide diuretics to forestall calcium stones from shaping 
    • Sodium bicarbonate or sodium citrate to make the pee less acidic 
    • Phosphorus answers for forestall calcium stones from framing 
    • Ibuprofen (Advil) for torment 
    • Acetaminophen (Tylenol) for pain
    • Naproxen sodium (Aleve) also functions as a pain reliever.

    Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy utilizes sound waves to separate huge stones so they can all the more effectively pass down the ureters into your bladder. This methodology can be uncomfortable to deal with and may require light sedation. It can cause wounding on the abdomen and back and bleeding around the kidney and close by organs.

    A specialist eliminates the stones through a little cut in your back. An individual may require this methodology when: 

    • The stone causes obstacles and disease or is harming the kidneys 
    • The stone has become too large to even consider passing 
    • Torment can’t be overseen 

    At the point when a stone is stuck in the ureter or bladder, your primary care physician like the very experienced and the best in Dubai, Dr. Syed Imtiaz Ali may utilize an instrument called a ureter scope to eliminate it. 

    A little wire with a camera appended is embedded into the urethra and passed into the bladder. The specialist at that point utilizes a little enclosure to catch the stone and eliminate it for an appropriate kidney stone treatment. 

    The stone is then shipped off to the research facility for investigation. 

    What Patients Say About Dr. Imtiaz

    Ali Al Saffar
    Ali Al Saffar
    August 31, 2022.
    Dr. Syed is one of the best urologists I have met; he is always available to answer any questions and clearly explain in death each step of the disease and the surgery plan. Along with his expertise, his patient care is excellent.
    Uma Maheswaran
    Uma Maheswaran
    August 17, 2022.
    Dr Syed Imtiaz Ali is the best ever urologist that i have ever met in my life. Painless treatment and with 100% satisfaction. He is very patience and very thorough in what he does. One stop for all your worries. Once again, I would like to honestly thank Dr Syed Imtiaz for his commitment and dedication towards his patients. Thank you once again!
    August 11, 2022.
    الدكتور شاطر ما شاء الله فاهم وخبير في مجالة و محترم في التعامل و تحس انه يهتم في مرضاه ويتابع حالاتهم بشكل مستمر.
    July 26, 2022.
    I was diagnosed with High Grade tumor in urinary bladder last year and was recommended to go for immediate treatment in India. However due to lock down in Covid time I got stuck in Dubai. At such critical time I was referred to meet Dr Syed Imtiaz Ali in Medcare and he not only given the best treatment but took special care and gave all the comfort to tide over the treatment. His friendly support gave me all the strength and increased my moral. He is one of the best Urologist in UAE. I wish him all the success.
    crank honey
    crank honey
    July 24, 2022.
    Very pleasant experience and strongly recommend Dr Syed Imtiaz Ali for all urological consultations.
    Junaid Ur Rehman
    Junaid Ur Rehman
    July 18, 2022.
    Best Urologist doctor in Dubai! Nice and humble personality.
    Gaurav D
    Gaurav D
    July 7, 2022.
    I had wonderful experience with Dr Syed Imtiaz Ali, Urologist. And he is strongly recommended for any urological opinion.
    Earl C
    Earl C
    July 7, 2022.
    We had a wonderdul experience with urologist doctor syed imtiaz and his nurse alex! I recommend him with any urological consultations.
    Ryan Roberts
    Ryan Roberts
    July 6, 2022.
    Dr. Syed was very prompt in his diagnosis of my issue and quick to act. The procedure was done professionally and quickly. Well recommended
    Yajantha Yapa
    Yajantha Yapa
    July 5, 2022.
    Doctor Syed Imtiaz is really good at diagnosing my illness which was there for many years. His surgery was excellent. I did not feel any pain after and I was able to go back to work with minimal after affects. He is a very positive person I recommend him.

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    Focusing on the ultimate welfare and good health of every person that encounters Dr. Ali, He strives and makes every effort to turn his patient’s visit into a worthwhile, meaningful consultation call, guaranteeing trustworthy services and satisfying diagnostic results.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Blood in the urine (red, pink, or earthy colored pee) 
    • Heaving 
    • Sickness or nausea with or without vomiting
    • Stained or noxious urine
    • Chills 
    • Fever 
    • Consistent need to urinate
    • Urinating small amounts or urine in different intervals of time

    On account of a small kidney stone, you might not have any pain or manifestations as the stone goes through your urinary lot and they do not require an invasive kidney stone treatment.

    A proper diagnosis of kidney stones requires a total wellbeing history evaluation and an actual test. Different tests include: 

    • Blood tests for calcium, phosphorus, uric corrosive, and electrolytes 
    • Blood urea nitrogen (BUN) and creatinine to survey kidney working 
    • Urinalysis to check for gems, microbes, blood, and white cells 
    • Assessment of passed stones to decide their sort

    The most serious danger and risk factor for kidney stones is making under 1 liter of urine for every day. This is the reason kidney stones are regular in premature newborn children who have kidney issues. Be that as it may, kidney stones are well on the way to happen in individuals between the ages of 20 and 50. 

    Various other factors can build your danger of developing up a kidney stone. 

    A bigger number of men than ladies create kidney stones, as indicated by the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK). 

    A history filled with kidney stones can expand your danger. So does a family background of kidney stones. 

    Kidney stones, or renal calculi, are strong masses that are particularly made of crystals. Kidney stones begin in your kidneys and may result in causing immense pain. Nonetheless, they can grow anyplace along your urinary tract, which comprises of these parts:

    • Kidneys
    • Ureters
    • Bladder
    • Urethra

    Kidney stones are one of the most agonizing illnesses. The reasons for kidney stones differ as indicated by the kind of stone.

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