Warts Removal Surgery & Treatment in Dubai

What are the Warts?

Wart is a skin infection that makes skin rough, blemish, or nodular. It is inflicted by Human papillomavirus (HPV). When there is a cut on a body part or close contact, the infection passes into the body, and warts happened. This is a transferable infection. Warts are usually common in kids because they are the ones who get small cuts but it can happen with grown-ups too. Mostly the people with unstable immune systems are at risk compared to others. Elderly people and young kids are common examples.

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Warts typically appear on hands but additional parts like feet, face, or genitalia can be contaminated too. Warts are a clump of dead skin cells which evolve outwards. Genital warts are deemed the most harmful of all categories. It is extremely important to consult the doctor when you are getting any indications related to Warts.

Dr. Syed Imtiaz Ali is an excellent urologist, sexologist, and medical specialist. He is a well-informed and professional individual about medical-related issues specially WARTS. From analyzing to detailed therapy, he delivers proficiency. He is a tremendous counselor who can precisely recognize the difficulty and gives advantageous therapy and prescription.

What are the different kinds of warts?

Following are the kinds of Warts.

  1. COMMON WARTS. It is a greyish color domed-shaped ragged bunch of dead skin. This is normally existing on the hands, face, and feet.
  2. FLAT WARTS. Just like its label, it’s horizontal and headpin-sized. It usually occurs on hands, legs, and feet. In this, the skin color becomes brown or pinkish.
  3. PLANTAR WARTS. This wart is beneath the feet and it is extremely common. Often cause uneasiness in walking and doing simple chores.
  4. FILIFORM WARTS. These are often formed around the eyes and mouth kind of transparent color and quite tiny in size.
  5. GENITAL WARTS. This occurred on the private organs of an infected individual. It is a sexually transmitted disease.

Additional Complication of Warts.

  1. Cancer. Gentile warts often turn into cancer if they aren’t addressed on time.
  2. Infection. They can get secondary infection or bleeding.

What is the antidote to WARTS?

Warts are the bunch of dead skin cells that arise upwards of the skin. Now the treatment of warts varies. Here are some of the basic techniques used in the medication of warts

  1. Laser Treatment.
  2. Immunotherapy.
  3. Cryotherapy.
  4. Electrocautery.

Symptoms of Warts.

Following are the indications and signs of warts.

  1. An odd mess of skin on any of the body parts.
  2. Domed or flat-shaped bumpy area on the specific body part.
  3. Conversion of skin color.


Because it is a contagious disease so for sure it will transmit from person to person very easily. Here are a few factors which need to be obeyed to diminish the likelihood of warts infection.

  1. Avoid borrowing towels, comb, and hair trimming items. These are extremely vigorous in conveying disease.
  2. Try not to be in touch with the person who is contaminated from a drastic infection of warts.
  3. Avoid getting any cut or damage particularly on risk points like hands, knees, etc.

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