Hydrocele Treatment in Dubai

What is Hydrocele?

Hydrocele is a minor disorder of swollen testicles that happens due to abnormal filling of fluid in the scrotum (A sac under the penis). It often causes anxiety and irritation. Hydrocele is primarily of two kinds which are following.

  1. CONGENITAL Hydrocele (Presented from birth)
  2. ACQUIRED Hydrocele (obtained later)

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Congenital hydrocele.

It more repeatedly occurs and it mainly happened in male infants from their birth period and eventually healed within a 1year or 2. It isn’t a toxic syndrome. Hydrocele isn’t inevitably happened to every newborn male but surveys claim that practically 10% of males are affected with hydrocele by birth.

Acquired hydrocele.

It is a condition when a male in his adulthood acquires hydrocele. Although hydrocele isn’t a destructive illness but might be responsible for low self-esteem and inferiority complex issues. Hence hydrocele is barely formed in any grown-up male and if in case it happens there is an easy surgical procedure for its therapy.

Our Urologist and Specialized Medical Consultant.

Dr. Syed Imtiaz Ali is an experienced urologist and consultant who has been in the medical field for 20 years. He is delivering the finest version of medical knowledge and healing people with absolute dedication and enthusiasm. Problems like hydrocele are quite complicated to deal with but Dr.Syed Imtiaz Ali never fails to prove his supremacy. He is a light of hope for many people.

We can understand Hydrocele in a better way by these two additional components of Hydrocele.


A hydrocele that has a space in the abdominal corner point is known as a communicating hydrocele. Due to its passing point, it is a bit extra hazardous.


Due to its inactive expansion and fixed size, non-communicating hydrocele is deemed to be slightly less problematic.

The minor problems might have resulted in Hydrocele.

Hydrocele isn’t majorly supposed to be a lethal Syndrome but the circumstance would not remain favorable permanently. If your younger one is sensing a severeness of hydrocele and you are however taking it lightly there are possibilities that hydrocele communicates with the abdominal cavity …that is ….a Hernia (Inguinal).

Beginning of Hydrocele in infant babies.

There are no crucial reasons for causing hydrocele but it started from the womb of the mother.

There is a processus vaginalis that passes from the abdominal cavity to the scrotum. If that tube won’t be shut down it might inflict Hydrocele.

The only direction of prevention from hydrocele is to safeguard your organs from undergoing any tragic incident.

What are the Symptoms of Hydrocele in Newly born child?

Being a parent and guardian it’s significant to be extremely cautious about the situation of your recently born. Because this is a child-related problem you need to be a little bit more aware of the health-related queries of kids. Following are symptoms that might enable you to understand your child’s condition.

  1. Swelling around the testicles of your child.
  2. Uneasiness during passing urine.
  3. If your younger one is sensing pain in his scrotum it may be because of Hydrocele.
  4. Constant fever and nausea.

When to consult a doctor?

Hydrocele usually fades away till the age of two years but in case if your younger one is still enduring any pain that might be indications of hydrocele. It is extremely significant to discuss with a doctor for an adequate recommendation. Delaying results in additional severe illnesses too. There is a surgical possibility too in case the dilemma is getting further severe.

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