Amit Goyal

“We have been consulting with Medcare Hospital doctors since 3-4 years and believe it is one of the best medical facilities of Dubai. Specifically, we have had excellent experience with Dr. Syed Imtiaz Ali, Urologist. During the recent lockdown period, we had an emergency situation and he was always present despite the difficult time and was continuously available over whatsapp/phone call. Eventually the issue was resolved totally. He explains the diagnosis and treatment in detail. Very highly recommended urology consultant.”

Ahmad Chediak

“I went to Urology Department last week, and it was the best service ever special thanks to Dr. Sayed Imtiaz, The reception and the nurses they were amazing.”


“What a fabulous operation done by a renowned consultant urologist Dr. Syed Imtiaz for my complicated obstructive ureteral stone in medcare hospital. Can not forget the hospitality of staff of medcare hospital especially for Dr. Syed Imtiaz Ali and his Nurse Alex.”

Abbas Raza

“I had very satisfactory experience after my wife’s cystocopy went bad at other hospital but thanks to Dr. Syed Imtiaz Ali, urologist who took great care of my wife and ensured that she walks out of the hospital after full recovery. I am highly impressed with his professionalism and will not hesitate to refer him to anyone looking for a professional and competent urologist in Dubai. All his nursing staff were also quite cooperative and highly enjoyed the hospitality extended by everyone to my wife during her stay in the hospital and even post surgery follow up visits to the hospital.”

Anil Achary

“I was suffering from continuous urine infection since last 5-6 years and visited many urologist in big hospitals in Dubai and Mumbai.
They have done investigations and treated with Antibiotics which is given thru IV, At last I visited Dr Syed Imtiaz Ali and started treatment.
Dr. Syed Imtiaz has done the diagnosis and recommended endoscopy and removed the block.
Now I am fully recovered. My sincere thanks to Dr. Syed Imtiaz and his team specially Nurse Alex who was very kind and supportive.
Medcare will be remembered throughout my life for this fantastic treatment.

Ishaq Khan

“The best Healthcare in the United Arab Emirates. I am specially thankful to Dr. Syed Imtiaz Urologist for treating a problem for which I have tried many hospitals for years and the prompt action of the doctor for the next day surgery relieved me for the problem I have been carrying for years and numerous visits to different clinics. The hospital that keeps in touch with the patients once you leave the premises unlike the ones that forget. I strongly recommend medcare hospital for the patients who have tried alot to get cure but in vain. Once again thanks to Dr Syed Imtiaz and his team.”

Ali Akbar Khan

“Dr Syed Imtiaz comes up not only as an exceptional Urologist but also a great human being. Connected to him exactly 2 years ago and underwent a procedure with him. Since then, been interacting with him on and off. Thorough professional with good heart. Strongly recommend to anybody who wants Urology consultation/treatment. Best Urologist in Dubai, in my opinion.”

Pratima Soomer

“Very pleased with this experience.
I was diagnosed with 6mm Obstructive right distal ureteric calculus.
The Urologist (Dr. Syed Imtiaz Ali) who did my treatment was very polite and made sure he explained everything about the procedures. I didnt had to wait for long. Very professional and caring staffs. (Namely Ms. May & Ms.Alex).
Overall I had a fantastic experience.

Keep up the good job guys!!!😊

Thank you 🙏🏼

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